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Sichuan Automobile

Hongyan Automobile is origin from the global synchronization heavy truck technology of IVECO, after elaborate designing of European R&D design team, Hongyan automobile integrate the latest and international technology of heavy truck and the professional experience of domestic manufacturing. It defines the standards of Contemporary heavy truck and establishes a milestone in China';;s heavy truck developing history.Its main production includes vehicle series of self-discharging, tracing, loading and special uses.Main features of Hongyan Automotive include:
I. Leading science and technology:
*Body which is in line with the principles of aerodynamics and has been tested with pneumatic test, it is the perfect combination of science and technology as well as the aesthetics.
*The vehicle has passed European ";;five-star";; safety crash test, it shows the human-oriented science and technology.
*International fashion of lightweight vehicle design which could effectively reduce vehicle weight.
International fashionable cruise control device and fuel electronic control system.

II Human-oriented Design:
*European standards, large driving and passenger space of more than 1900mm, low engine platform
*Driver';;s cab which have Four-point, full-floating and air suspension
*Deluxe instrumentation control panel
*luxury, spacious and comfortable sleeper

III Perfect configuration:
*Domestic mature assembly, differentiation of choice, perfect match
*Axle produced by SINO Truck which is high-load, high reliability, economical
*WD12 engines, more fuel-efficient, more robust