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Shanghai Volkswagen

Shanghai Volkswagen, which was established in March 1985, is China's first joint venture of the cars. The investing Ratio of China and Germany are as follows: Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd. for 50%, Germany Volkswagen Group for 40%, Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd. for 10%. The contract period of the joint venture is 45 years until 2030. The birth of Shanghai Volkswagen put an end to China's "working behind closed doors" history of auto industry, and opened up a method of using foreign capital and technology to speed up development of domestic auto industry. After more than two decades, Shanghai Volkswagen has created a new developing mode for domestic car industry by self-accumulation and rolling development. Currently, after times of Additional investment of both the joint venture parties, the registered capital has raised from 160 million RMB in 1985 to current 106 billion RMB. Shanghai Volkswagen's success greatly promotes the development of China's car industry. Meanwhile, the enterprise also aimed to the revitalization of China's car parts industry and launched the localization of Santana which led to technological progress of a large number of ancillary industries, and lay a solid foundation for domestic auto parts production that meet the requirements of International Standards. Currently, there are 400 parts manufacturers which supports the production of Shanghai Volkswagen and most of them have been selected as parts supplier of other automobile manufacturers, and some have also been included in the ranks of international procurement. Under the background of cross-border, cross-cultural, cross-age and cross-technology, Shanghai Volkswagen sincerely cooperate with both Chinese Party and the Foreign Party, and be known as the "Model of successful cooperation between China and Germany". The enterprise has awarded continuously 8 years of the title of China's top ten joint ventures, the country's largest 500 top foreign-invested enterprises and awarded continuously 9 years of quality and efficiency-oriented enterprises of China. In the course of development, Shanghai Volkswagen has created a number first in China's car industry. By the end of September 2007, Shanghai Volkswagen has sold a total capacity of 3.8 million vehicles, and it is the largest car company in China. In order to meet the needs of different market segments and based on the brands of Volkswagen and Skoda, Shanghai Volkswagen has already owned a full range of car models from high-end to economic model. Among them, the series of Volkswagen include Santana, Santana 3000, PASSAT Lingyu, POLO Jingqing, POLO Jingqu, Touran; the first series of Skoda is Octavia and series such as Fabia, Superb will also be made in China subsequently.