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FAW Mazda

FAW Mazda Motor Sales Co., Ltd. Was venture enterprise jointly funded in March 1, 2005 by China FAW Group Corporation, FAW Car Co., Ltd., and Japan's Mazda Motor Co., Ltd. . The registered capital of the corporation was 100 million RMB, the ratio of the three early investor are 5% of the FAW Group, 70% of FAW Car , 25% of Japan's Mazda. As a joint sales company which engages in the sales of Mazda Products, the company will be responsible for sales of Mazda brand vehicles and their spare parts, accessories and tools. Mazda DNA can be summed up two words: Zoom-Zoom. Zoom-Zoom is an imitated voice of the children on the car engine. It expresses the magic feelings of children when playing with toy cars or riding on a bicycle. Mazda brand aims to delivery the longing to the vehicle products of the people through its own vehicles, and the Zoom-Zoom have a good vision on this feeling. Mazda's Zoom-Zoom is a clear component of its "World Wide brand positioning" (WWBP) and WWBP integrate the "fashion", "creativity" and "vitality" of the brand's personality and the characters of "excellence design ", "Perfect function” and" good response of maneuverability and manipulation” of its products so as to create the DNA of Mazda. Mazda's new products provide users with exciting and pleasurable driving experience which are the current needs of its customers. At the same time, the existence of Mazda is not only to provide the user with pleasure and enjoyment of life when driving a car, but also to provide vehicles which are affordable and wrathful to the mass. Zoom-Zoom's goal is to lock this feeling and stimulates the warm pursuit of the users; Mazda has been pursuing this relationship between the manufacturer and the customers in the world wide and it is looking forward to establish this kind of communication with the majority of users in China. Mazda adopt a Marketing concept of "whole-hearted housekeeper" service to meet the full range demand of the customer, it develops its service to a "four-in-one" mode which integrate the whole vehicle sales, parts supply, service and maintenance as well as marketing; It deems the management science, reasonable layout , functional improvement and unified image as its goal and would always adhere to the marketing concept of the users first so as to comprehensive implementation of the "customer first" principle of service; In the future, Mazda would try its best to maximize win the trust of customers and create first-class level sales network and marketing system. FAW would combine its healthful domestic marketing experience with Mazda's advanced management platform and gradually reach the goal of annually sales of 300,000 automobiles in the next few years.